A New Normal

Covid 19 has changed a lot of behavior including this year’s legislative session. Since 1995, the formal session ended at the stroke of midnight on July 31st. That all ended this year when both the House and Senate voted to extend the formal session thru year end. This means that in addition to the budget which should be debated in the fall, all legislation remains alive including police reform. Connecticut and Pennsylvania just enacted versions of reform containing much of what is being considered in Massachusetts. Qualified Immunity was eviscerated and officers now face personal liability in those states

Here at home, the conference committee continues to meet. To avoid a similar situation here, continue to contact the members of the committee. Senators Brownsberger, Diaz and Tarr along with Representatives Cronin, Gonzalez and Whelan. Your calls and emails helped stall the process which rumor said was being released yesterday. Continue to let them know the importance of due process and qualified immunity. Our strength is in your individual voices.

Jim Machado
Executive Director