Committee Formed

The Senate named Senators Brownsberger, Chang-Diaz and Tarr while the House named Representatives Cronin, Gonzalez and Whelan to the conference committee which will negotiate the final version of police reform. No real surprises but we are hopeful that Representative Gonzalez who also serves as chairman of the black and latino caucus can temper the dialogue. The caucus issued joint statements with police earlier this month on points of agreement including chokeholds and increased standards and training. The Senate version was much more disturbing. If you have a relationship with any of the conferees please contact them to emphasize the importance of fair and equitable legislation.

We also ask you to look at the roll call list we put out last week and thank those legislators that voted no and supported us. Encourage them to stand firm in their support and not vote to override any vetoes by the Governor. Stay tuned for the latest

Jim Machado