MPA Offers Solutions – Letter to Governor & HRD

Late yesterday, along with our esteemed legal team, we finalized and sent off our findings and solutions to both Governor Baker and HRD. Since the release of this unfortunate news, we have worked closely with our legal advisors, union partners, membership and board as an information clearinghouse to be able to provide facts, ease some anxieties and shed some light on the future.

As we stated from the beginning, we wanted to get this right and we believe we have. As a legislative lobbying association, we have limited standing on this issue because it only affects a limited amount of members but it is a critical issue. We felt it was necessary to use our 120 years of experience working with legislators and being the voice of Law Enforcement in the Commonwealth to come to the assistance of the the members who were affected. This is not our first time in the arena and we made sure our dialogues were open with our Union Association partners, legislators and of course our legal team.

We offer this letter as a guiding light to help with the movement toward reasonable resolution of the problem. As we stated before the biggest fight will be at the local level with Unions negotiating the impact of the changes. We have also heard that Civil Service has been in touch with Departments who have assessment centers scheduled in the future. There are changes being made to the education and experience model, moving toward only “in-title” experience, 25+ years experience and Veteran Status points being awarded. Education is no longer going to be weighted in the equation. We will report more on this as we get it.

The letter is available to download by clicking the button below. 

As always please feel free to reach out with any questions. We look forward to seeing this issue pan out and we will continue to work with our partners as things develop. More importantly, we will ensure we continue keeping our membership at the pulse of the issue.


MPA Executive Board