SCOTUS passes on Qualified Immunity Review & House Docket 5128 Update!

Yesterday, the SCOTUS chose not to review cases regarding qualified immunity. This principle protects government employees acting in an official capacity from lawsuit unless their actions violate ” clearly established” federal law or constitutional rights.

It takes four justices to take up a case. In the past, Justice Sotomayor, the most liberal on the court and yesterday, Justice Thomas the most conservative have voted for review but never getting others to join. The American Civil Liberties Union called the decision deeply disappointing and urged Congress to act immediately.

On the home front, the first legislation on police reform was filed in the House. House docket 5128 (still awaiting a bill number) will soon be among other proposals from Speaker Deleo and Governor Baker. We expect all to have common points, some of which we currently already do in our line of work and others that would mean seismic changes. While we were not participants in a meeting last week with the minority caucus, we continue to use our relationship with the administration to voice our concerns. While we all want to be part of positive change we must not let emotion lead to misguided and shortsighted legislation. Know that as always you can count on the MPA to fight for the advancement of professionalism in Law Enforcement.

In Solidarity,
Jim Machado
Executive Director