Senate Finalizes Gun Bill

Late Thursday night the Senate voted 37-3 to advance their version of gun reform. Among the few amendments accepted was a Senator Velis proposal that would mandate repeat gun offenders be held until trial. Another by Senator Fattman would create a new crime for shooting at an officer. Both of these Senators were named legislators of the year in recent years. We thank them for their work in supporting law enforcement.  The bill now heads to conference to work on the many differences with the House. Discussions should be long and deliberative. 
This week civil service reform will take center stage. Civil Service reform has been discussed for years. A report was released with various ideas. One of the proposals we hear would allow municipalities a hybrid hiring system for new hires, where half would come from a list and others outside. This comes into play where there are residency requirements. Stay tuned. We will update you when bill is finalized.