Reform on the Fast Track

Just received word that the final touches are being put on the Senate version of police reform/ POST legislation. It could be released as soon as this weekend but no later than next week. We are led to believe that it will focus mostly on POST with several items such as chokeholds, data collection, militarization included from the minority caucus. We spent hours on the phone yesterday with crafters of the bill focusing on the makeup of the 7 person committee which would hear the decertification case, the importance of qualified immunity, an appeal mechanism as well as the importance of less lethal tools to help save lives. We will continue to work the phones until it’s release and ask that you contact and educate your individual legislators on the importance of due process to protect good officers while punishing the bad.

President Jim Guido and the Executive Board wish all of you a Happy 4th of July. Stay safe and we will continue to make sure the voices of our members are heard.