POST, Retiree Earnings , Immigrant Drivers Licenses

The week began with a meeting between MPA leadership and Executive Director Zuniga and legal staff of the POST commission. During a 3 hour meeting, we presented our concerns and suggestions for improvement to the questionnaire and soon to be released emergency regulations. After the meeting, Attorney John Scheft working with MPA prepared a written response for consideration by POST. We expect them to promulgate regulations at their next meeting scheduled in June. The membership should be assured that we are doing everthing in our power to be sure that individual rights are protected.Although the meeting had a very positive tone, without written assurances we told them officers fears and suspicions of the process would continue.

We continued the week monitoring the Senate budget debate that was completed on Thursday. Among the important actions, the Senate concurred with the House and accepted H4456 and the Governors amendment regarding earnings during covid/ health emergency. It requires his signature (which we expect next week) to complete the process.
Finally only days after receiving the drivers license for immigrants bill, Governor Baker used his veto power and returned it back to the legislature citing his/our concerns about identity verification. In his veto message, he expressed concern the the RMV did not have the capability to verify foreign documents and could not assure that some non citizen recipients would not find their way on to voting rolls after being licensed.

The veto may not carry as both branches passed the legislation by more than the 2/3rds necessary to override the veto.
Until next time, enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe.

Jim Machado
Executive Director