POST Questionnaire

Last week the POST commission approved an 8-question recertification questionnaire. At first glance it appears to be creating more questions than it answers. It seems to put aside rights of officers covered in collective bargaining C150E as well as rights against self-incrimination. What makes is more troubling is that law enforcement officers/union officials that sit on the commission did not object. Basically, this interview can amount to building your own gallows for dismissal. They want you to help them do their job.

As you can see from attached questions, it covers everything from taxes, LTC, any civil suits, restraining orders, social media, organization affiliations and last but not least “moral character”
Think of how crazy this can be expanded…

If I were a member at Augusta National Golf Club which withheld membership from certain groups, would that be reportable. If you have an extra marital affair does that mean I’m of “Bad moral character”.
The MPA will work with legal staff as well as our union brothers and sisters in seeking legal remedy to afford protection to our membership

We fully support standards to promote professionalism and transparency in policing. What can’t be done is taking rights away from one group to placate another. That would be the very bias that this law sought to eliminate.

LINK: Massachusetts POST Re-Certification Questionnaire

More updates to follow,
– Jim Machado, Executive Director