POST Disciplinary Records Release

Earlier today the POST Commission released their disciplinary records list as submitted by departments across the Commonwealth.  Our phones were on fire with members who felt blindsided by the report.  Many felt betrayed after being told that routine matters would not be noted in the report. It is clear that not all departments reported in a uniform manner. None of those that called disputed the facts but felt the report was incomplete. One person said they felt that in defending themselves they would have to point the finger at colleagues that had similar or in some cases more egregious incidents. He wondered if that’s what some had hoped for. Cops against cops.

In early discussions amongst the executive board  today, our understanding was the report would only show incidents of excessive force, bias, untruthfulness and any criminal convictions. Clearly we were misled.

As we had emphasized during the police reform debate, those decisions would impact departments, officers and their families.

In todays America, legislation and laws look at ways to expunge and seal records of criminals, Ironically this release goes to far and is another example how police are the  victims of a new and acceptable bias. 

I have been in contact with commissioners,  and legislators to voice our displeasure and our availability in correcting the record. President Dolan and members of the board will be meeting tomorrow to discuss and formulate a response. We will keep you updated with any new information. 

Jim Machado
Executive Director