Legislative Update – Busy Week

This week was one of the most substantive of this legislative session. On Tuesday, we submitted written testimony to the committee on public service regarding a number of important topics. Our bill H2660 which would do away with the monetary earnings cap and make it strictly the 1200 hours was among many bills on the topic. Our testimony supported any of the proposals which would give retirees some earning relief. Another bill we filed H2569 would give k-9 and technicians dealing with explosives similar protections and benefits as those enjoyed by their peers on the state police. 

We also weighed in on S1694 /H2532 which would provide heart bill protections for environmental and campus police officers. They unfairly do not enjoy the same protections as state and municipal police. This correction in long overdue. 

We also asked for favorable consideration on S2636,S1637,H 2440,H2528,H2538,H2552,H4069 which covered topics of infectious disease, cancer presumptions and PTSD.

On Thursday, the House released their redraft of their gun safety bill HD 4607. Although there have been some changes, our initial review still raises issues. Specifically sec123 which deals with carrying in prohibited areas. Language seems to only cover officers in performance of their duties. This needs to be a total exemption for law enforcement. Law enforcement was united in their response to the original release but it seems this only goes halfway. We continue to have legal experts study the bill for other concerns. The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday before House members only because there was no consensus with the Senate. Senator Creem leads the Senate in crafting their version which is expected to be released shortly.

Finally, this week Governor Healey signed the biggest tax relief bill in history which will impact revenues going forward. 

Stay tuned,

Jim Machado 
Executive Director