Congress Proposes Police Reforms

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership released the Justice in Policing Act which calls for reforms in policing that include a ban on chokeholds, an end no knock warrants in drug cases and makes lynching a federal hate crime. It goes on to require local departments submit their uses of force to the feds and allows state attorney generals to create an independent investigative process to investigate misconduct and uses of force. The bill also makes it easier for people to recover damages for civil rights violations.Federal uniformed officers would be required to use body cameras and  have dash cameras in marked federal police vehiclesHearings are expected in the next several weeks.We expect states to soon propose similar legislation including Massachusetts which had been involved in talks with the black and latino caucus regarding statewide reforms.We have had conversations with the administration regarding our concerns. Although we condemn the actions in Minneapolis, there must be a thoughtful response to bring about real change.Regardless of all the hateful police rhetoric , be proud or your badge and the noble profession to which you swore an oath.

Stay safe and know we are with you,

Jim Machado