Civil Service Exam Cancelled

Earlier today, Civil Service sent out a notice to all agencies and candidates who participated in the 2022 Promotional Exam. The notice was to inform those who took the exam that it was cancelled, the exam would not be scored and a refund would be made for the test fee.

The reason for the cancellation of the exam was explained in the message as follows:

“A ruling was issued recently by the Massachusetts Superior Court in Tatum v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The issue to be decided was whether HRD’s civil service promotional exams interfered with the promotion of certain classes of municipal public safety officers. The Court found that the creation and format of HRD’s promotional exam resulted in an exam that was not a valid selection device.”

This is a very unfortunate situation for many of our members who spent months preparing for an exam. 

It has been mentioned that Civil Service may be recommending that agencies use a sole assessment center in the future. This is a sudden and rapidly developing situation. We will continue to monitor it and pass along any information we come across. Stay Tuned for Updates.


MPA Executive Board